Olive Oil Tour & Tasting

Markou company was founded in 1969 with a traditional olive oil mill, which has gradually passed through various stages of modernization. It is a family run business: integrated management from harvest to selection of the best quality olive oil is their strength. Olive oil is an important aspect of Samian culture, it is the most significant ingredient in Greek cuisine. 

If you would like to know how they produce their olive oil, join us in the Koumeika village for a tour where you can learn all about Markou Samos Olive Oil. Walk through their olive mill and watch all the production steps described. 

Taste their International Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and learn little secrets about how to choose the best olive oil and some tips about storage and best use. Before you leave you can take a small bottle of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil with you as a present!

This tour & tasting can be combined with other tour options and is possible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.