“Private and exclusive wine tasting experience with panoramic views near one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Samos” 

The philosophy of Samos Dream Tours is to offer experiences in collaboration with small-scale entrepreneurs that value nature and local traditions. We are proud to offer you the first opportunity to experience a unique and exclusive wine tasting in partnership with Katsoureika Cellars.

In 2009, the owners of Katsoureika Cellars began restoring and replanting an old vineyard with the intent of producing wines that are cultivated in harmony with the environment, and held to high quality standards.

The grapes are biodynamically grown and lovingly tended on sunbaked mountain terraces with an expansive panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands. They are hand-picked at optimal ripeness and meticulously crafted into wines without chemicals, additives, filtering or fining. Each stage in the winemaking process is managed at the right time, with the precision and hygiene necessary to attain the desired quality.

The character of these wines reflects that of the makers who had the courage to create unique and distinctive wines that are a true reflection of the purity, abundance, and beauty of the land from which they came. They are authentic, alive, complex, full-bodied, rich in color and taste, capturing the essence of the local “terroir”. 

We invite you to join us for an experience filled with memorable moments as we walk among the vines, tour the wine cellar and enjoy the transcending views while sampling five quality wines with mezze.

This full day tour is with some beautiful stops on the way, a little piece off-road track for the excitement and private transportation.