About Samos

Samos belongs to the North Aegean Islands and is a popular holiday destination without mass tourism. Samos has a lot to offer: beautiful green nature, sandy and pebble beaches, an azure blue sea, cozy traditional villages, a rich history & culture and very friendly inhabitants.


Opposite Samos is the west coast of Turkey. Samos is one of the 51 prefectures of Greece and includes Ikaria and Fournoi Island. The capital of Samos is Samos City, commonly referred to by the locals as Vathi. The area of the island is 478 km square kilometers and largely mountainous. Samos has several relatively large and fertile plains: a great portion of the island is covered with beautiful vineyards.


The island of Samos is a lush, very green island with forests and many interesting places to visit. It is also the birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras. Today Samos is an island which attracts tourists from all over the world for the wonderful nature, the impressive mountainous and verdant landscape and the archaeological sites.


Samos has more than 35 beaches and they are famous for their green environment and crystal water.  Although some Samos beaches are organized and popular, yet they keep their picturesque ambiance. Many secluded bays can also be found for more privacy. Except for the beaches, there are so many beautiful places for sightseeing and enjoying the relaxed island atmosphere. 


Samos combines astonishing natural beauties and a rich history. Green mountains, waterfalls, 160km of magnificent coastline and beautiful beaches to enjoy.